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Welcome to BreadinaBucket.com.  Our goal is to provide nourishing food to those in need. Bread-in-a-bucket is a do-it-yourself kit containing all the ingredients needed to bake bread at home. Each kit contains 25 pounds of all-purpose flour, 4 pounds of sugar, 1 1/2 pounds of Salt, one pound of dry yeast, a one pound box of baking soda, and a can of baking powder, all the ingredients needed to make many different kinds of bread. The kit also contains a 100 page recipe booklet, giving the recipient many different types of bread and other items to bake. The bucket has a tight-fitting gasket-sealed lid that is easy to open, making the bucket a clean and practical addition to anyone’s pantry.

I invented the Bread-in-a-Bucket kit after speaking with a friend of mine who said that she had been baking all their bread at home, to save money. I knew her family’s financial situation was unstable, and I wanted to be able to give her a food source that she could rely on for a while. I gathered up the bulk ingredients at a local restaurant supply, and put them in a bucket. After creating the kit for my friend, I realized that many more could also benefit from receiving such a gift. Even if no other food was available, a person could still bake themselves a comforting loaf of bread to eat. Simple gestures like this will help our communities through the hard times we are experiencing now, and those that appear to be looming ahead. A simple gift of $25 can buy a bucket kit that can provide a loaf of bread every few days for over three months.

Please consider donating today to buy a bucket or two to help struggling families in need by providing a reliable and healthy source of bread for their family. The more we receive in donations, the more we can bargain for lower wholesale prices for the ingredients, thereby reducing the per-bucket cost, and allowing us to serve more needy families!

Thank You!


Buy a $25 Bread-in-a-Bucket kit by donating today!

or, Donate any amount you can to help. Every dollar counts!

Write to us:
2950 Newmarket Pl.
Suite 101 PMB 235
Bellingham, WA 98226

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